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BI – Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence module is the quintessential managerial control tool. It helps companies identify trends and patterns that emerge over time, providing a basis for planning successful strategies.

With this module, it is possible to build in-depth studies starting from key data extracted from Dynapack and develop interactive and easily accessible reports. All data can be segmented, grouped, and compared over time based on selected indicators.

In its basic version, the BI module can offer up to 5 models:

  1. Acquired = statistics of acquired jobs, updated in real-time based on job progress.
  2. Sold = sales statistics by product, agent, category, customer, year, etc.
  3. Purchased = purchasing analysis by product, category, cost centers, supplier, etc.
  4. Papers = specific analysis of purchased paper volumes and inventory over time, divided by type.
  5. Transports = displays vehicle loading statistics and compares transport trip costs.

The 5 basic models organize and represent the main company data in a visually immediate and easily readable manner. Additional customizations beyond these basic module-provided visualizations can be added upon customer request.

Compatible functionalities