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Order Management

Order management is the initial part of a production-commercial process.

Each project goes into production with its own technical specifications and is accompanied by all the commercial information intended for sales. The production order or job order is the link for all subsequent steps.

The system is capable of managing production and shipping orders, as well as stock replenishment orders, or only sales orders for available material.

Every step of progress is tracked and linked to the job order, allowing the sales department to know the progress status at any given time, both in terms of production and logistics.

  • Programming: Overview of progress regarding scheduled steps in production
  • Movement: Every movement related to purchasing, production, transfer, consumption, and sales on order is visible through order management
  • Inventory: In addition to knowing the inventory of an order, information about the item or an overview of the customer is made available to plan logistics better
  • Machine Loading: The system assists in choosing the possible work cycle, prioritizing the scheduled work cycle with the option to modify to alternative cycles based on production history
  • Logistics: The sales department is assisted in choosing quantities to ship based on stock and per pallet quantity.
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