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Product technical sheets are the technical core of every internal project within the company.

Dynapack allows you to keep track of the inventory of all items in stock: from raw materials, such as paper, cardboard, and carton, to process materials, such as paints, inks, machinery, and more, to spare parts and stationery.

Management can follow job-based logic, important for traceability, or stock-based logic, with particular attention to reorder levels and batches.

The careful selection of the best management for each type of material facilitates organization and activity planning.

However, Dynapack does not just limit itself to cataloging and monitoring merchandise, but can also help optimize its placement in the warehouse through its additional modules:

  • the Raw Material WMS module primarily helps with raw material management, optimizing storage and search based on its main characteristics (for example, focusing on paper management, type, height, and any certifications);
  • the Finished Product WMS module suggests the best location for merchandise considering information such as its production job or any imminent shipment. With this module, you can also keep track of production lines and have real-time indication of pallets just finished awaiting placement.